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Your Home Deserves Antler Furniture And Light Fixtures

Hurds Antler Art and Engraving helps you create a rustic d├ęcor by providing you with antler furniture in White River Junction, VT. When you choose my pieces, you and your guests will feel like you've brought some of the outdoors into your home. I also help you brighten up your surroundings with my distinctive antler light fixtures.


The lighting I make is both beautiful and safe. I use UL-rated single and 3-way light sockets, and UL-rated wiring is installed inside the antlers.

Unless otherwise specified, candelabra lights with antique-look candle socket covers are used in all products. Antler light fixtures use up to 60-watt bulbs, which you are responsible for providing. I recommend that you use dimmer switches when lighting is direct-wired.

Custom-scribed elk antler light socket covers are also available. Due to the time involved in creating and scribing each one to fit individual antlers, there is an additional $40.00 per socket fee. You can request these with any candelabra lighting.

Quality epoxy that doesn't shrink over time is used to fill or patch the wiring drill holes. It is sculpted and then hand-painted to match the antler as closely as possible.

Antler Light Fixtures

Hand-Decorated Lampshades

Lampshades hand-decorated with rawhide are included with each table and floor lamp. Let me know if you prefer to use your shade. Non-decorated lampshades are included with some items (electric candelabras, etc.).

Your lamps will be conversation pieces when I create them. I make deer antlers and elk antler finials for table lamps and floor lamps, which are included at no additional cost.

Elegant Chandeliers & Sconces

Make your home look elegant and bright with my custom antler chandeliers and sconces. Nine-foot chains are used on chandeliers unless you request a different length, at no additional cost. Wall sconces come with a cord and plug, which can be directly wired.

For the best results, I recommend installation by an electrician for chandeliers and direct-wired wall sconces. Additionally, I suggest you install dimmer switches for energy efficiency.

Antler Furniture

Sturdy Wood Furniture

My wood and antler furniture will look great in any room in your home. Tables have hardwood tops that may be made of burled wood, wood that has character, or glass tops. The cherry, maple, oak, and black birch I use is kiln-dried and finished, so it has a rich appearance and is durable.

If you prefer, bases can be built without a glass top. You can purchase a glass top locally that sits on top of the base. When you specify the size top you will use, I'll build the base to fit it.


Prices are based on my cost of materials and time at wholesale prices. Additionally, they reflect the complexity and time it takes to complete a design.